What is a Service Dog?

A Service Dog is a dog that is task trained a specific task to help someone in need whether it's a physical or mental disability. These dogs you will see out in public as they are trained to work for their human 24/7! Where ever their human may need them they have public access to! 

What is an Emotional Support Dog?

An Emotional Support Dog is a dog that provides comfort. Though these dogs are not specifically task trained to help their human in need they do help in HUGE way! These dogs do NOT have public access, but they are commonly seen on planes, are allowed in hotels, and even in housing situations! 

Why help Veterans?

Approximately 22 Veterans commit suicide, 22! That's a BIG number! Most Veterans that need help won't come forward for help, it's not that they have too much "pride" it's more that they don't want to "burden" anyone in their daily lives. Many marriages have failed due to this lack of communication of need of help.  

Why help Police Officers?

You read/hear the news, correct? These brave men and women see and encounter situations that no one should. Some of these situations alone can cause PTSD. No one should have to tell parents that their baby boy or little princess is deceased. 

Why First Responders?

It's more than just fighting fires, saving the occasional cat from a tree, and bring on shift 24-48 hours at a time! Just like law enforcement Fire Fighters and EMS/Paramedics see and deal with gruesome situations as well. They may not have to deliver any sad news to family members but they do save lives. Countless lives every day! And then there is the opposite end of the spectrum.. 

I Want A Service Dog! How Do I Get One?

Whoa, slow down there! You don't just "get a service dog"! Service dogs have a job! and important job! Faking a service dog just to so you can take your dog everywhere with you is a shameful act! Before your dog can become a service dog they must have the correct temperament and you MUST have a prescription from your doctor for most trainers to help you get a service dog!